Amazon Prime Postpones its Event in Canada & India Due COVID19 Cases

The waves of COVID-19 are again spreading in India and Canada, making giants like Amazon delay their annual events. As said to CNBC, Amazon paused its two-day discount event for the customers but hasn’t offered a rescheduled event in either of the countries. amazon prime india canada covid19.

The Prime Day event by Amazon came into being in 2015. The discount event is mainly to retain the prime members, promote its product and service and boost sales in mid-year. amazon day india canada covid19.

India has reported a sharp rise in COVID-19 cases, with new cases accounting for 46% from the past week. The country has crossed almost 20 million reports in the last week. amazon india canada covid19 junepalmercnbc.

Media sources again report the repeating scenarios at the burial grounds and crematoriums. Resulting of this, many countries have been imposing strict restrictions for the last few weeks, including measures like curfews and lockdowns, as necessary to curb the massive spread. prime day india canada covid19.

In April, Canada’s new cases of infections were more than in the US for the first time in the history of this pandemic. It is due to the lagging vaccination rate in Canada than the U.S. However, Prime Day will continue outside India and Canada in countries like Germany, France, Spain, the U.K., and China. Amazon announced that Prime Day coming year would be in June.

Pulling the event to one earlier will be beneficial for customers, sellers, and vendors. July is considered a popular vacation month in most areas, as has been said by Amazon CFO Brian Olsavsky on the first earnings call of the company. Even last year, the company had to hold its Prime Day Event till the middle of October due to this pandemic. At that time, even the spike in the pandemic couldn’t restrict people from online purchases in the U.S. It was mainly because the physical stores were shut, and consumers had no other options than ordering things online.