How Does A Modern CMO Run A Successful Business?

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The recent digital marketing tactics have failed to retain customers. Third-party cookies, for instance, are going obsolete. Customers get concerned about their privacy in a world of information and ad spam. Running a business is challenging as the strategies always keep on changing. This uncertain situation has reduced the average CMO tenure to its lowest … Read more

Joe Rogan misinformation explained

Joe Rogan misinformation explained

Spotify dished out $100 million on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, knowing how problematic the man is. The streaming media giant faces major backlash over the COVID-19 misinformation the 55-year-old commentator made on his show. joe rogan misinformation explained. Rogan’s podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, began in 2003. Spotify acquired the exclusive rights in 2020. … Read more

Amazon Prime Postpones its Event in Canada & India Due COVID19 Cases

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The waves of COVID-19 are again spreading in India and Canada, making giants like Amazon delay their annual events. As said to CNBC, Amazon paused its two-day discount event for the customers but hasn’t offered a rescheduled event in either of the countries. amazon prime india canada covid19. The Prime Day event by Amazon came … Read more