How to Turn Off Business Account on Instagram?
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How to Turn Off a Business Account on Instagram?

For whatever reason, it’s sometimes essential to temporarily suspend your Instagram account. Thankfully, you don’t have to immediately erase your whole Instagram account to make those pictures and videos unseeable.

We’ll review how to deactivate your Instagram account to assist you with your covert requirements, whether seeking to conceal a person, business, or creative performance.

What does Instagram account deactivation mean?

What does Instagram account deactivation mean?

A deleted account is not the same as a deactivated account.

For the length of their deactivation, Instagram profiles are not searchable, cannot be edited, and are entirely invisible to other users. Although no longer viewable, all photographs, comments, insights, and other activities have been saved.

Deleted accounts and everything within of them are lost.

Typically, remove has that meaning.

Why would you need to deactivate your Instagram account temporarily?

  1. There are a few reasons why temporarily deleting your IG account could benefit your business. These may consist of but are not limited to
  1. The future status of your social media accounts is still being determined, and your firm is going through substantial changes, such as rebranding, a merger, or other activities that might harm your public image.
  1. You decide against publicly making old, out-of-date material available while your social media team develops a brand-new Instagram approach.
  1. Your company has created many accounts for various reasons or by different personnel. You are merging these accounts or requesting formal verification, but you must destroy them.
  1. The business has chosen not to utilize Instagram and does not want publicly accessible material to be seen. Still, they also do not want to give up their nickname by closing the account.
  1. The business has temporarily withdrawn from Instagram due to poor PR or other dire circumstances.
  2. Whatever your motivation, deactivating your Instagram business account is a simple operation that is very simple to reverse when you want to start using it again.

How to cancel a business account on Instagram?

It is relatively tricky to take your Instagram account offline temporarily, but sadly, you cannot do this using the Instagram applications for iOS or Android.

Instead, open up a desktop or mobile browser and go to To visit the website, click this link.

Note* Clicking the link above may launch your Instagram app automatically if you read this page on a mobile device and paste the URL into your mobile browser as an alternative. Or enter it by hand. Longer.

  • Visit your Profile page after logging into your account on a desktop.
  • By clicking on your little picture in the top right corner, you may access it. You may see your page’s biography, postings, and other stuff here.
  • Click “Edit Profile” in the centre of the page, above your username. deactivate-your-Instagram-account-edit-profile
  • “Temporarily disable my account” is in the bottom right corner of the following screen in blue letters.
  • Keep in mind that this is found, as of 2023, on the same page as your login, password, website, and other essential information, and you may have to scroll down to see it.
  • They naturally attempt to conceal it a little bit. deactivate-your-Instagram-temporarily-disable-account
  • After selecting that, you’ll be prompted to justify removing your account from the dropdown menu. Choose a rationale from the list before being asked to reenter your password.
  • Finally, choose “Temporarily Disable Account” to make your account vanish!
  • Log in again to reverse this and reactivate your Instagram account. Your social media staff has to be aware of this to prevent any “accidental” logins from causing an unwanted reactivation.

Tip: Have an employee use their account to look up your company’s page if you want to make sure your account is no longer accessible. If the deactivation is not quick, check whether it is still present in 30 to 60 minutes.

Instagram Account Alternatives To Removing It:

Instagram Account Alternatives To Removing It:

Deactivating your Instagram account may only sometimes be the best course of action.

You can remove some unneeded or outdated information, keep your branding despite challenges, reevaluate its worth, update your approach, and create a more extensive and better-than-ever account.

Setting Up A Private Instagram Account:

Making your page “private” is a limited alternative to deactivating your Instagram account. This implies that only your followers can see your stuff, and anybody who wants to follow you must first ask for and get your consent.

  • To make your Instagram business account private, you must first convert it to a personal account since business accounts cannot be made private.
  • You can log into your privacy settings on the desktop browser or mobile app. You may easily choose “Switch Account Type” by tapping it at the bottom of the Account page in Settings.
  • The option is located on the left side of the profile settings page in your browser. deactivate-your-Instagram-switch-to-personal-account
  • Unfortunately, switching your IG business account to a personal statement also permanently deletes in-app insights regarding content and promotions.
  • As a result, this should only be done if you want a clean slate or if your data is optional.
  • Anytime you like, you may change back to a business account and make your account public, but this time, you’ll have brand-new information to work with.
  • Users of Facelift should be aware that we’ve got your back even if you make your Instagram account private and cannot view your insights.
  • Facelift securely stores your info! But remember that Makeover cannot connect to personal Instagram accounts, so you must reconnect your account if you make it a public business account again.
  • Your previous insights will be securely kept in the cloud in the meantime.
  • A private account has the advantage of being excellent for redesigns. You may edit your design, filter your photographs, and take care of other account-related tasks in-app in real time.
  • As much as you like, you may explore and make adjustments.
  • However, if your brand has a significant following, it may look odd to everyone who comes across it if it has a brand account with a private profile.

For this reason, it is better to act promptly. Additionally, your current followers may still view your activities, so if you have a sizable following, think twice before deactivating.


Whatever your motivation, deactivating your company’s Instagram account is straightforward and reversible.

Remember that the access token connecting your inactive Instagram account will expire if you use Facelift to administer your Instagram account(s). When and if you return to Instagram, you will then need to rejoin the report again. This procedure is simple and should take at most a minute.

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