Melhores Hotéis Em Caldas Novas Com Parque Aquático

Caldas Novas is a tourist city renowned for its thermal waters and hot springs, attracting visitors from all over Brazil and even abroad in search of relaxation and fun. If you’re planning a trip to this incredible destination, one of the best accommodation options is hotels that offer integrated water parks. In this article, we’ll present a selection of the best hotels in Caldas Novas with water parks, where you can enjoy unforgettable days surrounded by water and entertainment.

1. Rio Quente Resorts – Hotel Turismo Rio Quente Resorts is one of the most well-known complexes in Caldas Novas and attracts visitors of all ages. The Hotel Turismo is one of the lodging options within the resort and offers unlimited access to the Parque das Fontes and Hot Park, one of the largest water parks in South America. With a wide variety of pools, thrilling water slides, and attractions for all ages, Rio Quente Resorts is a perfect choice for families and groups of friends seeking aquatic fun.

2. Di Roma Fiori – Acqua Park Di Roma Fiori is one of the most popular hotels in Caldas Novas with its own water park, Acqua Park. This park offers several thermal pools, water slides, a children’s area, and even a lazy river for relaxation. Additionally, the hotel offers comfortable accommodations and a attentive staff, providing a complete experience for guests.

3. Privé Diversão – Water Park Privé Diversão is another hotel worthy of mention in the list of the best hotels with water parks in Caldas Novas. Its Water Park offers numerous pools, thrilling water slides, and a laid-back environment for the whole family. The rooms are spacious and well-equipped, and the hotel also offers other leisure options, such as saunas and sports courts.

4. L’Acqua diRoma L’Acqua diRoma is a comprehensive hotel with a modern water park. Its water park is a major attraction with thermal pools, water slides, a wet bar, and entertainment options for guests. Additionally, the hotel offers other amenities such as restaurants, a spa, sauna, and gym.

5. Ecologic Ville Resort & Spa Ecologic Ville Resort & Spa is an excellent choice for those seeking comfort and enjoyment in Caldas Novas. Its water park features several pools, water slides, and water toys for all ages. The resort also offers other amenities, including a spa, sports courts, restaurants, and a helpful staff to ensure a memorable stay.

In conclusion, Caldas Novas is an unmissable destination for those looking to unwind in thermal waters and have fun in water parks. The mentioned hotels above offer excellent accommodation options with integrated water parks, ensuring moments of joy and relaxation for the whole family. Therefore, if you’re planning your next trip, consider Caldas Novas as your destination and choose one of these incredible hotels for an unforgettable experience.