How To Do Amazon Affiliate Marketing On Pinterest

Affiliate Marketing On Pinterest: How To Do Amazon Affiliate Marketing

An efficient source of traffic and potential customers is Pinterest. Because of the platform’s expanding user base and improved advertising capabilities, retailers may now employ Affiliate Marketing On Pinterest to diversify their revenue streams.

In this post, if you’re an Amazon seller, we’ll teach you how to utilize Affiliate Marketing On Pinterest and what best practices to implement to grow your company.

What Is Pinterest?

Let’s take a quick look at Pinterest before getting into the details.

Users of Pinterest’s site may create and maintain their own individually designed inspiration boards. Images for events, clothing, crafts, recipes, furniture, home decor, hobbies, and more may be found on these boards. The world’s most extensive collection of ideas, Pinterest receives 10 million unique visitors from the UK each month. People use Pinterest to find new recipes, home design inspiration, fashion advice, and other ideas. Companies and bloggers like you develop the finest concepts.

Pinterest Partner Links

Because spammers misused Affiliate Links in the past, Pinterest disabled them from its site. Thanks to a more robust spam detection algorithm, Pinterest Affiliate Links are back. You may make money by pinning your favorite items and suggestions from affiliate networks and receiving clicks on those Pins.

You may publish as much affiliate material as you want using your own AssociateID or TrackingID, just as you would on your website or other platforms.

Users may “pin” items from similar boards that match their likes to expand their collections by following such boards.

How Does Pinterest Affiliate Marketing Work?

On Pinterest, affiliate marketing functions via product recommendations. To make it simpler for your followers to locate your goods, as a vendor, you may share the link with them; this may persuade them to buy it. Due to your efforts, you will get a commission if clients decide to purchase the product.

Consider it a win-win scenario where both parties benefit. Thanks to you, your followers could purchase an item that attracted their attention. 

It is simple to pin your Pinterest affiliate connections to Amazon. You’ll be ready to start earning money as soon as you remember to follow their rules.

The primary objective is to build a profile where you curate information representing your preferences, sense of style, and professional objectives in pertinent boards, as described below. Although you don’t have to include an Affiliate Link on every page of your Pinterest profile, users may find them when they save your material to their boards, through the home feed, category feed, or related Pins.

On Pinterest, how to Make Affiliate Links

The same item may be done in two different ways. One comes from your Pinterest account, the other from your Amazon Associates account:

Amazon Associates:

 You must first have an Amazon Associates account set up to pin Amazon affiliate links.

Once you do, carry out the following actions: 

  1. Make a post that you believe will be popular.
  2. Upload a picture of the product to your website without including any pin attributes. 
  3. Add the affiliate link to the link box and pin the picture to Pinterest.
  4. Go to the Pin, choose Edit, and then type your Affiliate Link into the Website section to do this. 

Facebook 2. 

Click the + symbol next to the search field from your profile page to create a standard pin.

2. Add the title and complete the product’s description. 

3. Include an affiliate link with the image. 

After that, you’ll get a commission if someone chooses to buy the product after clicking on the link.

To generate a text link that contains your Associate ID or Tracking ID in any scenario, utilize the Amazon Associates SiteStripe. All the parameters from this URL should be copied and pasted into the Website area.

How to Get Pictures for Posts

The site of Associates Central offers free access to various product photos. 

Look for products in the Quick Links or Browse for Product areas. Enter product numbers or phrases into the search box on the Product Links page. Use the search options or the banner buttons after that. You may create HTML-based photos with this.

When your image codes are on the product pages, click “Image” in the SiteStripe toolbar to copy them.

Additionally, Canva may be used to make your photos. Even a complete area of templates titled “Pinterest Pin” is available.

Promote pertinent items to a specified niche using Pinterest’s best practices for Amazon affiliate marketing.

Even if you’re contacting clients on a brand-new platform, consider your specialized market and work to benefit your audience rather than trying to sell them everything under the sun. 

This is a marketing campaign, and every movement needs a plan of attack. Additionally, if your audience notices too many Amazon Affiliate links, they may think you’re spamming them and quit following you entirely.

 Remember to test your connections.

Your particular market will determine how successful your links are. If this is your first time using Pinterest, attempt to concentrate on how you generate the most sales. In addition to referring to the affiliate product itself, it might be a good idea to include links to reviews or purchasing advice that you’ve put on your website, if you have one, in addition to your Amazon online shop.

The only requirement is that your Pinterest article and your purchase tips need different URLs.

You may monitor how these links perform for your brand by employing and controlling Tracking IDs. You may manage your tracking IDs by visiting your Amazon Associates dashboard and clicking on your email address.

For the next month, compare your Tracking IDs. See which method promotes your items the most effectively by sending some of your pins to affiliate products and other fasteners to your buyer guides (if you have them).

Affiliate relationships must be disclosed, and link cloaking must be avoided.

The key is to prevent link cloaking. In most affiliate networks, it is a standard obligation to disclose affiliate link relationships mainly because all affiliate networks must comply with this FTC mandate. 

According to Amazon merchants, the process is relatively straightforward; they even suggest adding the following phrase to your Pin: “As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.” 

Avoid utilizing Pretty Links, Bitly, or Be as detailed as possible so prospective customers will know to which website or business your link will send them. 

Create connections Pinterest-friendly

Using your preferred topic, we build mood boards on this site. Try to keep within the confines of your specialization, whether in culinary or fashion trends. Make your information as helpful as possible since viewers use Pins as inspiration. 

Try to give thorough explanations and create a visually appealing piece of information. Amateurish material won’t do.

Increase your following

Amazon Affiliate Links will perform best if you are genuine in your Pinterest profile. Remember that the objective is to assist potential customers by suggesting a product, not to bombard them with many links to products you want to sell. 

Keep updating your Pinterest profile to make your Amazon product suggestions more natural.

Here are some pointers:

Tip #1: Start creating boards and pinning.

If your profile is brand-new, you must start by making many boards. They should stand out, but they should stay within your specialty. Your brand is just being expanded via this profile. For instance, if you offer sporting goods, you may make fitness boards regarding certain subjects like exercise, diet, and motivation for weight loss. 

People who see your profile will be able to connect to it genuinely.

Get Followers is Tip #2.

The likelihood that someone will use one of your Amazon Affiliate Links to make a purchase increases as you get more followers. The two primary methods are through following other users and repinning trending material. You can do both, which is a beautiful thing. 

Once your boards are configured, post a few pins before following other profiles. Find people with shapes relevant to your brand or specialized market. Following other users with similar interests is more important than perfectly matching profiles.

Additionally, you may bookmark stuff that is already popular. This could be the most straightforward approach to increase your following since all the top pins are already well-liked. Choose the picture of your choice. 

After completing this step, you may begin pinning affiliate material or pins that drive viewers to your website or postings on Amazon. 

Scale your Pinterest Outreach; the third tip

Okay, your profile is complete, you have a few followers, and your boards are stocked with intriguing pins. So, it’s time to start signing up for group message boards.

When you join a group board, other people’s pins are visible to your followers. Therefore, although thousands of people who do not follow you will also see your pins, your followers will see other boards.

Campaign for Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest

Utilizing Amazon Affiliate Links may be a small component of a larger Pinterest marketing plan. There is a learning curve, and it takes time and experimentation to determine what is most effective for your particular items. The good news is that it outperforms every other social network regarding ROI. We do indeed mean Twitter and Facebook. 

Learn more about Pinterest and affiliate connections by watching this video.

Thanks to Pinterest’s framework, You may run all sorts of advertising under a single campaign. By doing so, you may concentrate more on performance rather than dividing resources across campaigns and sponsors. By logging into Pinterest Ad Manager, you may accomplish this.

Last Words Of Wisdom

When it comes to sales, Pinterest is a brand-new platform to investigate. 

Since last year, the number of users on Pinterest has increased dramatically and is expanding daily. Brands and Amazon sellers should vary their social media strategy.

Your brand and company may benefit from using Amazon Affiliate links to increase their online visibility and communicate with potential customers more naturally. You’ll not only be exhibiting the variety of goods you provide but also the innovative side of your company, which focuses more on assisting customers than making sales. 

Not to mention continuing to be able to generate money. 

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